Invest In Silver Bullion In South Africa

You can now buy some silver bullion from Gold Reef City Mint. I highly recommend any investor to at least keep some of his portfolio in physical assets such as silver or gold, bullion or coins. Gold Reef City Mint also sells Kruger Rands, and a range of collector and investor coins, such as old coins containing a high level of sterling silver. Personally I try to stay away from these coins as it is (1) difficult to determine exactly how much silver they contain, and (2) the investor pays a premium for the collectors value of the coin. These factors make them less liquid investments, with higher transaction costs. It can also be a pain to transport and store a few thousand Rand’s worth of old silver coins.

Silver bullion is therefore the perfect solution to these problems, except maybe the storage part, depending on how much you’re planning to buy. Storing silver bullion bars to the value of R100,000 can be problematic. Storing your bullion bars at different sites, is highly recommended. Should an issue arise at one of the sites, a part of your investment is still secure.

Contact Gold Reef City Mint at +27 11 496 1405, or e-mail them at grcmint at