Jacques du PreezHowzit! My name is Jacques du Preez. I am a passionate digital technologist from Cape Town, South Africa, working as an independent software development and information management consultant at Neovation. I live for the creative process of software development that allow us to create the most amazing things from nothing more than our imagination.

I believe absolutely in the individual’s ability to think, and act for himself through the liberty of our society, technology, economics, science, and art. I hate nothing more than bureaucracy, non-pragmatism, and inaction. I am greatly influenced by eastern philosophy, especially Buddhism, and the Austrian school of economics.

I enjoy learning by doing, solving problems and improving things. There is nothing more exciting and satisfying than a job well done, to produce something that improve the way we do things. This blog serves as the canvas on which I paint my thoughts and feelings, to express myself and help others accomplish their goals.