Invest In Silver Bullion In South Africa

You can now buy some silver bullion from Gold Reef City Mint. I highly recommend any investor to at least keep some of his portfolio in physical assets such as silver or gold, bullion or coins. Gold Reef City Mint also sells Kruger Rands, and a range of collector and investor coins, such as old coins containing a high level of sterling silver. Personally I try to stay away from these coins as it is (1) difficult to determine exactly how much silver they contain, and (2) the investor pays a premium for the collectors value of the coin. These factors make them less liquid investments, with higher transaction costs. It can also be a pain to transport and store a few thousand Rand’s worth of old silver coins.

Silver bullion is therefore the perfect solution to these problems, except maybe the storage part, depending on how much you’re planning to buy. Storing silver bullion bars to the value of R100,000 can be problematic. Storing your bullion bars at different sites, is highly recommended. Should an issue arise at one of the sites, a part of your investment is still secure.

Contact Gold Reef City Mint at +27 11 496 1405, or e-mail them at grcmint at


5 Comments on “Invest In Silver Bullion In South Africa”

  1. Allen Taylor says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Brian McLoughlin says:

    Small investors could comprise a substantial market for silver bullion in small easily handled and stored quantities. Is such available in South Africa. Could there be a ready market such as there is for Kruger Rands?

  3. Harry says:

    If you can’t hold it in your hand, you don’t own it.

  4. Riyaad says:

    I. Just wish to add that numismatic coins especially those issued by the SA mint have very little investment value. The coins are usually extremely overpriced with regards to their metal content. Current the spot price of silver (26 Oct 2013) is just below 23$ US per troy ounce. Some of the silver coins issued by the SA mint are selling for R2000 per ounce whereas one can buy an internationally recognised one ounce coin like the US silver eagle or Canadian Maple leaf for between R300 and R350. The value of the coin is determined by its metal content. South African’s in general are often fooled by numismatic coins related to Mandela or some sporting or political event and usually pay way more than the actual value of the coin. Many experts agree that physical silver. not paper silver is going to be the big investment of this decade since it is extremely undervalued. For free info on how to invest in physical silver send me an email at

    • openlandscape says:

      > The coins are usually extremely overpriced with regards to their metal content.

      All collectors coins are ‘over priced’, because a large part of the price is determined by the coin’s perceived value by collectors. This goes for coins from both the S.A. Mint and Gold Reef City Mint. However, you can ask the Gold Reef City Mint, to make you non-collectors coins, like Kruger Rands for gold. They basically consist of the underlying metals price, and a small fee for making them.

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