Binary Love Art

I got married last year on the 9th of December. We decided to take the unconventional route of sending a digital invitation to our guests, instead of mailing the traditional paper card.

Personally I hate printing things. The reason is that producing, transporting, printing, and even recycling paper, creates a considerable amount of waste, and consumes a lot of energy and scarce resources. This is something people never consider when they mindlessly print pages with every attachment they get in their in-box.

I also thought that it would make a subtle statement, that we are a dynamic couple that doesn’t hesitate to embrace new, better, ways of doing things, by questioning and breaking down ingrained habits.

The image was designed in Gimp, on Apple Mac.

Wedding Invitation Card





2 Comments on “Binary Love Art”

  1. ronnie says:

    Cool. I know I would have to call half my family to make sure they check their email within the next 6 months or so, if they even go on the internet…

  2. openlandscape says:

    Yes, we had the same problem with some of our family, who don’t use the Internet. But I thought maybe this would encourage them to modernize their communication and start using the Internet and e-mail on a regular basis. One family member didn’t use a computer at all, so we sent the card to a close friend who did. The friend showed the digital card, and helped him to get a hard copy.

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